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Ariel Hyatt’s “CROWDSTART”- A Guide to Crowdsourcing

Many of us are familiar with the popular trope of the struggling young artist trying to make it in the business. And while shows like American Idol and The Voice paint a fantastic picture of the possible success for those breaking out on the music scene, not everyone will be gifted such opportunities. Luckily, Ariel Hyatt, the founder of a successful PR firm, international speaker, and the author of four books is here to help those who are looking to propel their careers.

Through researching social media, PR, and online marketing, she developed her Cyber PR process, which is now being taught at universities around the nation. Hyatt garnered a reputation for her application of this process to the music industry and has since begun teaching creative minds how to use the tools of PR, marketing, and social media to build their identity.

Her latest book, Crowdstart, released today, is a step by step guide to using the successful method of crowdsourcing to create campaigns that raise awareness and funding for emerging artists. “The book outlines killer strategies, sample emails, social media posts and a day by day action plan that takes you through your entire campaign.”

Hyatt’s clients have launched mega-careers under her coaching. Musicians are also using sites like PledgeMusic and Patreon to reach their fans directly. Not only does this method give fans the opportunity to contribute to the life of the artists’ careers, it allows them to share in the experience of their art as soon as it happens.

This is a big game changer for the independent artist and something Underground Sun will be using much much more in the near future! Do you know of a great crowdsourcing solution for musicians not mentioned here? If so, please leave a comment!


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