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Iyeoka- Breaking Ground As A TED Fellow

We’re proud to support artists like Iyeoka, who is being recognized for her contribution to an immense cultural shift taking place in the art community and the world. As one of the 12 artists of the TED Fellows community, Iyeoka is paving the way for other female artists to succeed and push against the status quo.

Iyeoka - Gold
“In the Yoruba tradition, Nigerian-American poet, musician, songwriter and artist Iyeoka’s name means ‘mother who speaks the word’ — reflecting her dedication to exploring and playing with the musicality and meaning of languages. ‘I am fascinated by the subtle nuances of the spoken language and our current access to translation and meaning,’ she says. ‘My name encourages me to share the story of Esan people in the great diaspora.’
Iyeoka began her musical career by founding the group The Rock by Funk Tribe—interweaving her poetry with jazz, blues, funk and gospel—and releasing three albums in three years.

Now on world tour to promote her fourth album, GOLD, she sets out to create awareness and encourage the preservation of the Esan language — an endangered native dialect of Edo State, Nigeria — through storytelling, proverbs and music.”
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