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Iyeoka’s Music A Rally Cry For Unity In Germany

We can’t think of a more pressing time for an artist like Iyeoka to tour in a place like Germany. With its current socio-political issues concerning migration and race, Iyeoka’s message of love and peace rang out to welcoming ears at both the Summer Palace Festival in Murrhardter Stadtgarten & the Cultural Summer Concert in Lindener Von-Alten-Garten.

“Celebrate Life” was the core theme of the shows, which featured her band from Hawaii, The Rock by Funk Tribe, and a number of original poems. A celebration it was with highlights including a story from Iyeoka about her dream as a child to conduct a symphony and in Hannover, a high-energy show culminating in an all-out dance party for the afro-funk house hit “Black Coffee”. Check out the press and gallery below and please follow Iyeoka for more tales from her tour!

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