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New Artist Spotlight: Dammien Alexander

Meet Dammien Alexander! We welcomed Dammien to Underground Sun last year, and he has been busy since joining the label. We knew this year was going to be a big one, and Dammien is no exception!

The singer/songwriter is currently working on a whole new sound and a series of new songs accompanied by music videos which are currently being shot. His music will be accompanied by a capsule collection featuring high fashion footwear and tees, called EROS – XOXO.

Short Bio: Dammien Alexander is a socially-conscious songwriter and performer with a sound that mixes Marvin Gaye, Prince, D’Angelo, John Legend, Pharrell, and Outkast. He’s been playing and touring independently and internationally for over ten years. In 2015, he played in six countries, mostly as a solo performer with a guitar and vocal looping box, including a residency at the Sommer Residenz in Basel, Switzerland and a showcase in London at El Escargot in Soho. In 2016, he’ll be touring in the US, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Guatemala, and other countries in Europe and South America.

Upcoming tour dates-

April 9th Underground Sol (Showcase) Los Angeles, USA

April 17th La Sala Nightclub Antigua, Guatemala

May 14th RockBottom Brewpub Halifax, NS

May 19th Grafters Pub and Eatery Labrador, NFLD

May 20th Grafters Pub and Eatery Labrador, NFLD

May 21st Grafters Pub and Eatery Labrador, NFLD

May 25th Gahan House Halifax, NS

June 2nd- August 26th Sommer Residenz Basel, Switzerland

June 11th Café Irllicht Schofhiem, Germany

August 6th  Private Event Basel, Switzerland


New website coming soon!

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