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Doing It The Old Fashioned Way: Vinyl

Vinyl has been on a massive comeback over the last few years and in 2016 we are seeing record sales at a 28 year high; up 32% to $416 million which puts them at their highest level since 1988. As diehard music lovers and impassioned aficionados of rock n’ roll, we love this trend!

The vinyl resurgence speaks volumes for the current state of music in our often too-perfect and calculated post-modern world of calculated Spotify playlists and corporate logistics. People just want to get back to the soul of music and vinyl gives them that tangible feeling. The hiss and pop, the physical act of putting ‘the needle on the record’…It’s a bit of nostalgic ritual that was lost to the iPod generation the last 15 years.

In celebration of this movement, we found this amazing documentary video on the Dust To Digital Facebook page highlighting the process of vinyl pressing back in the 30’s with jazz super legend Duke Ellington. Considered one of the founding fathers of American jazz (which would later lead to the evolution of blues, R&B and eventually rock ‘n roll) we found this a fitting video to highlight the magnificence of this reemerging trend.

Please enjoy the video!

Interested in owning an Underground Sun album on vinyl? Please contact us here today and if we get enough request we will issue some limited pressings!

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