Creating on the Fly

We love making music and road tripping, so we came up with this crazy idea to transform a classic 1987 Airstream Excella 1000 into a fully equipped mobile recording studio and live streaming hub. Now we can record, mix and master on the go, as well as broadcast live to share our adventures with you in real time.


Mobile Recording Studio

Inside is a full HD studio for tracking, mixing and mastering. We’re running a brand new MacBook Pro with Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Apogee Digital Thunderbolt Ensemble (interface) + Control (remote), Glyph hard drives, Grace mic preamp, PMC/Digidesign monitors and ADAM Sub8 subwoofer.


Live Streaming

This 32’ long silver bullet is also our live streaming mothership. With a multi-camera setup and direct audio from our HD recording studio, we produce top quality live streams from anywhere with internet. Subscribe to our live streaming channels for exclusive interviews, performances and tutorials.


World-Class Acoustic Design

Custom acoustic treatment design and installation by Delta H Design Featuring CAT System panels, ZR Wings that double as blackout curtains, ZR Micro Screens, and hundreds of custom SR4’s that make a stunning mosaic on the ceiling, we’ve turned this tin can into a pro studio.