At Underground Sun, we’re passionate about creating original content that helps people connect with what inspires them. Whether it’s a new music video for a diehard fan, a web series episode for an aspiring hobbyist, or a crowdfunding pitch for an artist recording their debut album, we not only make it happen — we do it with soul. We believe in the power of film to illuminate the imagination, the power of music to transcend cultural barriers, and the power of human creativity to remind us how mysterious and beautiful life is.


People love stories. It’s how we make sense of the world and connect with each other. As filmmakers, we take pride in crafting stories that bring people together. When we’re producing a music video, we strive to create that emotional link between the artist and the viewer. We want them to have a fully immersive experience, to get lost in the moment and discover a deeper connection with the artist. Because at the end of the day, it’s the captivating stories – not just the great shots – that draw them in.


As a team of multifaceted creatives, we produce all original content in house at Underground Sun. We develop artists, write songs, record, mix and master records, as well as write scripts, produce and edit our own video content for television, film, and online streaming. With the emergence of 5G networks and lightning fast mobile video, we see the future of the music industry continuing to expand into film, and we’re excited to explore the new possibilities.


Iyeoka (US Artist & TED Fellow) with David Franz (US Founder/Producer)